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Terms of service

“NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory” provide this site for the purpose of introducing the products to the user of this site.
Users of this site are to agree these terms and conditions upon browsing or use of this site.
These terms and conditions may be revised without prior notice, therefore, please be sure to check each service before making a request.

About the use of this site

The users acknowledge the terms of service at the time of viewing and when using this site and shall use in accordance with the terms of services and the provision which “NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory ” establish separately.
Even if the users suffer direct or indirect damages in connection with the use of this site, “NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory ” shall not be involved at all. Or in the event of an argument between another user and a third party, the relevant user shall settle the problems, damages, and arguments at his or her own expenses and responsibilities and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to ” NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory”

About the information of this home page.

Although we try to post accurate information in this site, yet incorrect information may be posted due to oversights or wrong data.
“NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory” do not bear any guarantee of the safety, accuracy, usefulness and not infringe the third party’s rights, etc. of this site.

About site management

This site may suspend all or part of the service without prior notice due to natural disasters, fires, blackouts, or third-party disturbance.
NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the service suspension.

Establishment of requests, consultations Terms of service

Request to “NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory” shall be established upon confirmed the business intentions at both sides (when customer send manifestation of intention and NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory send the confirmation e-mail to the request). Please send your request in any form. Then we will send an order form. When the request is determined, requester shall agree with this terms and services.

Intellectual property regulation

When applicants use third party’s work within the draft of their works, the applicants are responsible for the license issues and “NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory” and its employees shall not take any responsibilities against any third party’s copyright issues.
In addition, applicants shall agree that the draft does not contain the following contents: those which infringe copyright, those which are illegal, those which include sexual depictions, those which involve intimidation or abusive behavior, slander or harassment, or racial or ethnic discriminations, or those which may damage the image of our organization, business credit, and those which may assert the use restriction to us.

Competent court

If there is a need for the lawsuit regarding the use of this service, the Tokyo District Court, which has jurisdiction over the location of “NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory“ will be the agreed jurisdiction court.
Japanese law is the governing law for the interpretation and application of these Terms of Use.

“Usage” in this page means usage of the information from this site, also use of the things that are introduced in this site or evaluation results after using the things that are introduced through this page.