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Followings are the business purposes for NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory which are written in Articles of Incorporation, Article 4.
(Non-profit activities)
Article 4 This organization perform the following non-profit activities in order to achieve its purposes mentioned in the previous clause:
(1) Promote insurance, medical and welfare
(2) Promote city development
(3) Environmental protection
(4) International co-operation
(5) Promote science and technology
(6) Promote economic activities

(Business type)
Article 5 This organization performs the following specified non-profit activities:
(1) Advice and promotion of physical health and ill prevention
(2) Promote regional activation
(3) Promote plastic waste solution guidance
(4) Environmental ion measurement certification business

W-MTD “Magnetic Decomposition Device” (No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing)
SILICA (derived from rice)
BANSEI (100% made from plant components.)
Positive Ion Absorber (No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing)

(No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing)

Easy solution for the world’s plastic wastes problem.

Basic concept

1, Environmental protection
Reduce the volume of PET bottles, micro-plastics, disposal diapers and farm animal dung.
2, Cost reduction
Reduction of running cost, maintenance and implementation cost.
3, Can be used in the mountain and the seaside
No fuel, electricity is required. Can be moved from one place to another.

Let’s make the earth beautiful more than ever W-MTD Magnetic Decomposition Device

W-MTD can be operated in Mt. Everest and also in the Antarctic without electricity or fuel.
No resident operator is required, any one can operate it.

Characteristics of W-MTD

1,This device does not burn the trashes.
CO2 reduction, Suppression of dioxin.
2,No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing.
3,Reduce the volume of the trash by 1/300 ? 1/500.
4,No meter, switch is required. All operations are manual. This device depends on the human eyes.
5,You can move this device anywhere.

W-MTD is maintenance-free.

Following picture is 250L size which has been left alone for 10 years and has had no failure.

W-MTD can be operated in the cruise, or in the buildings; since it uses no fire, outside the device does not get hot when you touch it, and only the water vapor, not smoke, discharges from the chimney.

Residue after the processing…

Following picture is 250L size which has been left alone for 9 years and has had no failure.

Picture below is W-MTD 300L size.


Watch a video of a W-MTD (Magnetic Decomposition Device) on You Tube

Watch a video of a wet type flue gas processing device on You Tube



Click here for wet type flue gas processing device

Watch a video of a W-MTD (Magnetic Decomposition Device) on You Tub

Watch a video of a wet type flue gas processing device on You Tube

(derived from rice)

The information on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All information is provided for educational purposes and should not be viewed as health claims.

Comparison of mineral based amorphous silica and plant based amorphous silica

Sometimes, people consider mineral based amorphous silica and plant such as rice hull based amorphous silica are the same products and think that both are harmful to human body.

Such information is incorrect and we explain it as follows:
Silica dioxide Si02 (hereafter referred to as silica) is quartz, tridymite, etc., and its content is 12% of all crusts as crystal and is inexhaustible.
Its existence started together with the birth of the earth.

Amorphous silica made by the decristalization of crystalline silica through the industrial technology exists in the market.
Until now, amorphous silica is known to be silica decrystallization made by industrial methods.
However, as we investigate the synthetic process of silica, first finely powder the mineral silica as primary particle with the burning method, etc, to the size of 5nm ? 55nm and aggregate them to the mass in the size of 50μ-500μ and name it amorphous silica.

The reason why it is called amorphous is because it is aggregated, yet if you judge from the molecular engineering perspective, primary particle 5nm is a crystal made of 1950 single molecules. And for 55nm is a crystal of about 2,600,000 single molecules.
As for the chemical raw materials, they are called amorphous because they are aggregated.

According to the research report on risk of chemical substances (development of hazard assessment and risk prediction method such as toxicokinetics and toxicoproteomics, etc. on nano material percutaneous toxicity) from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, toxicity is confirmed even in the 40nm synthetic silica.

According to the “Screening of Information Data Set For High Volume Chemicals OECD Initial Assessment” by OECD, human health damage was reported from using 1-350nm synthetic amorphous silica. Screening Information Dataset (SIDS) Initial Assessment Report for. Synthetic Amorphous Silica and Silicates: Silicon Dioxide (CAS … Human inhales and discharge ultrafine particle amorphous silica.

For SAS type (CAS No.7631-86-9), animal experimentation shows even when inhales and exposed for long period, they are immediately discharged afterwards and are not distributed to mediastinal lymph nodes in excess, whereas crystal types tend to accumulate and remain distinctively in the lung, and lymph notes. Humans and animals have less intestinal absorption. Absorbed SAS is proved to be discharged immediately through kidney.
As a result, mineral based amorphous silica is the aggregates of crystalline silica and is harmful to human, unlike rice based amorphous silica.

So called mineral based fully amorphous silica is sold at high price in the market.
Manufacturing method is to finely grind quartzes and crystals and plasmifies it at high temperature of over 2000 degrees and cool it down immediately to make amorphous silica, yet in chemical theory, achieving 100% efficiency is impossible. Therefore, large amount of crystalline silica is thought to be remained and is presumed to be very dangerous to human body.

Unlike mineral silica, plant silica, such as rice silica is single-molecule silica which coexists with foreign matters (cellulose).
Foreign matters are essential to the structure of single-molecule silica.
100g of rice hull contains 23500mg of silica, which is 117 times of potato whose content is fairly large among all other foods.

In Europe, silica has been studied fairly long time, and they found out plant based silica is an important element for human body composition.
For about 10 years, silica has been popular as supplement and medicine and people store them at home as a regular medicine.
Also, a supplement manufacturer has more than 120,000 distributors for over 15 years, their sales are No.1. The market is really big.

Now, some people still think silica is dangerous.
Please understand the difference between the pure amorphous silica and the one which is manufactured at the chemical industry and learn the current situation in the world.
You might have doubts after reading a toxicity report from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and get confused about the nano silica and plant based silica.

Ingredients of Silica as a medicine in Europe are the rice hull ash discharged from rice hull power plant in Thailand and a manufacturer in Germany take them altogether and buy them at high prices.
① German manufacturer of water soluble silica ask Thailand to burn the rice hull as cold as possible in order to keep the silica content in the burnt ash.
Also, some Japanese manufacturers manufacture water soluble silica from crystals yet attention has been paid to the consumers against these products.

Japan has succeeded in manufacturing ultrafine rice hull powder a head of the world; moreover, it is a micro size fine powder.
A lot of effects are confirmed from the rice hull when they are micro sized, finely powdered.
(Please refer below for the personal views from the users of the ultrafine rice hull powdered silica.)

We succeeded to manufacture rice hull in powder; this is the world first Japanese technology and moreover it is a micron size.

This works very effectively.

When grain of rice hull silica is rough, you might feel the roughness as you take them and they are not only unsuitable for food, but also may damage the internal organ by the projection of the hard silica and is dangerous.
That is the reason we recommend ultrafine powdered silica.

They are easy to digest as well.

About rice based rice hull ultrafine powdered silica

It must to be nothing but the miracle of the plants that rice peels off each molecule of crystal silica in the ground and they are evenly piled up inside and outside the rice hull with high concentration so as to protect the seeds. It is truly a mystery.
It is no exaggeration to say that this amorphous silica is what is essential in forming human body.

If you compare the silica content in rice hull and in commercially available food stuff, rice hull contains 117 times of potatoes which has fairly high content of silica and 100 times of barely.
Also it contains more than 5 times of A company’s silica supplement.
Such an important rice hull is finished as a food material by the pulverizing technology.

About ultrafine rice hull silica

Applied “Rice hull Pulverizing Technology and New Business” and was certified by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Intake: Mix 5-8g of finely powdered rice hull into boiling water twice a day (after breakfast and before bedtime) and drink it (add collegen when it becomes cooler, about 40℃, if you like).
If you eat fiber-rich food normally, take 3-5g, whereas if you eat a lot of meat, 5-8g would be suitable.

Importance of ultrafine powdered rice hull silica as foodstuff

Importance of ultrafine powdered rice hull silica as foodstuff
Rice hull itself is not something you can eat, yet surface of rice hull silica is so hard that it may not only hurt in the mouth, but also difficult to bite them.
People knew that if the rice hull could be ultra powdered, they would become important food stuff for human body yet the world thought that was impossible.
However, we succeeded in making ultra fine powdered rice hull silica.

Main ingredients of rice hull: Cellulose ≒75%
Amorphous silica ≒23.5% (Silica 99%, minerals 1%)

The most important point is the content of rice hull amorphous silica which is incomparable with other food stuff (later mentioned); also amorphous silica plays a significant role for human body.
Dissolute rice hull powdered silica with boiling water and drink it when it is cooled down.
Although it is finely powdered, it may irritate your throat, then you can mix with other food stuffs.

 Mix in the doughnut, etc.

 Mix in bread and coffee.

Rinsing water becomes feed for fish and also cleanses the river. This is the real nature!


(100% made from plant components.)

Rinsing water becomes feed for fish and also cleanses the river. This is the real nature!

What is “Bansei”?

Effect and feature
Corporate philosophy and environment-friendliness
Information about is listed below.

Main components of Bansei are plants.

Ingredients are botanical components, mainly based on Japanese knotweed, persimmon leaves, Artemisia.
Bansei soap“Miracle Cleaning Powder” rinsing water becomes feed for fish and cleanses the river.

Effect and feature

(Prevent oxidation)
Bansei products decline the oxidation speed. It is also effective for anti-aging (it removes odors)
It is blended and reduce the odor sources such as toxic substances and have a beneficial effect on making the air “refreshing” and “clean “.
(Antibacterial effect)
Foods become decayed as the number of bacteria increase.? Bansei can reduce the speed of bacteria growing.?
It is very effective for anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-odor and antibacterial.


Currently, “Bansei”, natural additives, can be mixed with various materials. Bansei is available in liquid form and master batch (solid chip); they can be added to your existing products and also to your new products.?
Why not consider using “Bansei” to your products? ?It has odor-eliminating effect, antibacterial effect, reduce-bacteria effect, antioxidant effect.?
We worked on developing and producing a master batch (solid chip) with special effect, and now we are actually able to produce them.?
Therefore, master batch additives (solid chip) are also available to be added to various products as well.?
Liquid as well as master batch (solid chip) are available to be used in various field, why not joining us to create new and unique products and introduce them to the world??
We sincerely hope Bansei to be used in mixing with your products and create new collaboration with many companies around the world.

Corporate philosophy and environment-friendliness

Corporate philosophy and environment-friendliness
Nature is everything and we make an every effort to make the most of it before considering our own convenience.
If we do, everything will be functioned as they should.? We aim to appreciate everything every day, keep having healthy and prosperous life.
I had lived ecological life in the past 20 years.? “Bansei”, the product we developed, was born by taking fully advantage of “the power” of nature.?
Bansei is an unprecedentedly unique product which not only can add extra value to the various products but also help cleanse the environment today which is what we hope for.


We are a “developer and a promoter of environment-friendly products” centering on “Bansei”,which has antioxidant, oxidoreduction, deodorization, antibacterial effects.?
We do business collaboration with business partners, also B to B businesses.?

We develop new products through the business collaboration with our partners, which enables to satisfy consumers who search for safe, reliable products ever before.
We believe that we can create the prosperous future together.?
If you are considering the higher quality of products, please feel free to contact us.? “Bansei” is the additive made from natural ingredients and can be added to almost any materials.

Great gift from nature;

Amazing power, plant extracted liquid, “Bansei”

What is “Bansei liquid”?
”Herbs contained in “Bansei”
To use and to be used “Bansei”, what is its feature?
Product Summary
All-purpose function “BANSEI” deodorant test data
About Safety
Antibacterial action

Natural Homes, Bansei construction method
Always keep making the air clean.? New countermeasure for the sick house syndrome.
What is sick-house syndrome?
Information about is listed below.

What is “Bansei liquid”?

100% made from plant components.? Mix plant components extracted from Japanese knotweed, persimmon leaves, mugwort and other plants which were once used as herbal medicine using our own unique blend and method.
We studied and learned about the miraculous natural power that herbs hold through 15 years of trial and error.?
“Bansei Liquid” holds the wish from the developer for people to have comfortable and healthy life.

Herbs contained in “Bansei”

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed, Itadori, its name comes from “itai (pain) dori (take out)” which means removing the pain.? It is said that Itadori has miraculous effect for the skin problems and stop bleeding and ease the pain when you put its young soft leaves on the injury.


Artemisia is effective for stiff shoulders, nerve pain, chilblains, and hemorrhoids, sensitive to cold, lower back pain, fatigue recovery.? Artemisia had also been used as hemostat for scratches and cuts. This is because of the sterilizing effect of Artemisia.

Persimmon leave

Rich in vitamin C which disinfects the skin, it is also said to be effective for removing the active oxygen.? It is a popular cure in Korea for warming up your body from the core and also good for the period pain, menopause, lower back pain, nerve pain, dry skin or hemorrhoid.

To use and to be used “Bansei”, what is its feature?

Refresh the room air
Eliminate various daily room odors (odor of chemical substances generated from building materials, tobacco, food waste) and keep the room air clean.

Remedy for sick house problem
Toxic chemical substances such as formaldehyde can be returned to nature by using the products mixed with Bansei Liquid.

Control everything from oxidization
Dissolve and remove the toxic active oxygen.?
Eliminating active oxygen which causes the body oxidization will promote anti-aging.

Bansei Liquid is already utilized for building ecological houses, additive-free soap and cream, handmade earthenware and other housewares.

It produces amazing effects in various scenes and is appreciated.

Bansei Liquid has a result of data on acute aquatic toxicity tests for containing more than 20000mg of LD50 (No. 103013129-002, April 10, 2003 issue)

Product Summary

All-purpose function “BANSEI” deodorant test data

Followings are the example of pH value of Bansei powder soap:


 Add 1g into 1 liter of water, pH value is 10.6 …0.1% solution

 Add 2g into 1 liter of water, pH value is 10.8 …0.2% solution

 Add 5g into 1 liter of water, pH value is 11.1 …0.5% solution

For your reference, add 1g into 100L water, pH value is 8.6 …0.001% solution
(by comparative calculation).

For your reference, add 1g into 1000L water, pH value is 7.6 …0.0001% solution
(by comparative calculation).

For your reference, add 2- 5g into 100L of water, pH value is 8.8 ? 9.0 …0.002%-0.005% solution (by comparative calculation).

For your reference

Environmental standard for water pollution

Lake and reservoir (natural lake and reservoir and the artificial lake whose size is 10 million? or bigger)

Hydrogen ion consistency (pH)

Between 6.5 and 8.5

About Safety

Antibacterial action

Natural Homes, Bansei construction method

DIY uses the same liquid as professional carpenters do.

Always keep making air fresh.? New idea for answering of sick houses Create healing atmosphere ~ecological house ~

Render buildings free from the VOC which is generated from the building materials and it is the main cause of sick building syndrome.
Other than the VOC, bad odor from tobacco, pet and rubbish will also disappear!
Bansei method uses the Bansei liquid which is extracted from the natural plant.? It is blended with chemical substances, daily odors, and deal with sick house and environmental stress.

Throughout the year, we provide you a comfortable living place.

Always keep making the air clean.? New countermeasure for the sick house syndrome.

Main effect of Bansei Construction Method
Detoxify the room air contaminated with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), the main cause of sick-house syndrome generated from building materials and furniture.
This method enables to reduce the numerical values of the concentration of the 6 kinds of toxic chemical substances lower than the numerical value indicated by the “housing performance indication system” recommended by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism”

It is easy to use anywhere!
It can be used not only for the new houses but housing construction in general. How to use is easy, just mix and apply, anyone can easily do it!

What is sick-house syndrome?

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as house dust caused by the contaminated room air is considered as one cause of the sick house. These toxic chemical substances cause health problems.? Especially those with allergic disease, children, patient or elderly are concerned.

Positive Ion Absorber

(No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing)

Soil redox voltage

There is a potential difference between upper layer and lower layer of the soil,
The soil layer which indicates negative potential is the reduction voltage, and the soil layer with positive potential is the oxidation voltage.
Oxidation voltage has a nature to deprive electron from outside and if there is a plant root there, it lowers the root potential, and extremely disadvantages the nutrition absorption and nutrition increase for the plants.
On the other hand, redox voltage gives electron outside, which is an advantage for vegetation.

Ground potential

Over a wide area, there are areas with plenty of electric charges and less electric charges due to the geophysical reasons. And also, some areas have electric charge which constantly changes its property and shows fluctuating potential.

In such area where indicates negative ion, in another word, the soil with high potential generally has advantages on vegetation. Also, ground which indicates positive ion, in another word, soil at low potential ground has disadvantage on vegetation.
Also, soil on the ground whose potential changes irregularly is found to be extremely inferior for the growth.

It has been found that soil in areas where the electric potential fluctuates irregularly exhibits extremely poor growth.

Positive Ion Absorber


As mentioned above, potential of the various soils are good and bad, it cannot be judged easily.
Therefore, the fine metal net, the material used for making this positive ion absorber, neutralizes atmospheric positive ion so as to lean more towards negative ion.

Effectiveness slightly varies depending on the installation location and wind direction, yet the device can increase the negative ion concentration to a considerable degree within a radius of 50 meter.

Experimental example
In 9 arable lands and a pear garden with 120 pear trees, metal nets were installed at 2 locations for a trial to see if pest can be reduced drastically, while keeping the pears without the pouch, which was successful. For the fruit bearing, assuming the annual index is 100, it has reached 180 and the taste was also improved extremely.

This experiment was conducted actively in various places and those who followed the instruction has made a good result.

Also, with this device, it was reported that there became no morning dews on the leaves.
It is because the positive ion tends to be attached on the leaves in the morning, and the serious farmers (farmers who study eagerly) take out dews every morning, therefore, it is considered to reduce the number of pests. Since this device can also remove the bad odor, it is useful at beauty salon and factory.
Installation of this device is based on the idea that earth potential is the most dominant factor in the correlation between soil and plants. That is the idea of “increase the earth potential and minimize fertilization”. In another word, it is based on the idea that “terrain is not decided by the amount of fertilizer components, it is decided by the kinds of ion which can be absorbed from the root in the soil and its concentration.”

Installed in a blueberry field