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Purpose of NPO Environment and Ill Prevention Laboratory

Issues and challenges

Right now, many people are benefiting by the advancement of civilization which creates safe and secure society and people are having happy life.
Nevertheless, the environment becomes worse, and the number of cancer patients continues to grow.
Deterioration of natural environment and the food problem can be related to the cause of these problems and we have to do something to stop this urgently.
There are environment issues such as CO2 emission, global warming, etc.
Exhaust gas emission by the vehicles, incinerators, micro plastic problems, etc.; these are the problems that the world needs to consider.
There are wonderful products and technologies to help solving these problems in Japan and we would like to introduce them.

Solutions for the current issues and target for the future

Stop deteriorate natural environment, improve dietary habit are supposed to be the important factors for human to have a comfortable environment to live in and also prevent illness.
There is a lot of information available regarding ill prevention in Japan.
Deterioration of natural environment is the issue that the world is facing.
Yet solutions are not known widely and we have to do something about it. There are a lot of manufacturers who manufacture machines and tools for improving the environment.